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Wäldertau is a mild, Bavarian alcoholic drink composed of fresh fruits and berries handpicked in the wild forests and lush green meadows of Europe. Savor the natural  flavors of fresh ingredients, enhanced with a secret blend of spices and gently fermented to produce a smooth brew with an artisanal spirit.


The Wäldertau taste is not a matter of chance, but the result of decades

of experience - and a 90 year old, secret family recipe.

Tradition in combination with values, like honesty, courage - to innovate and experiment -, lots of passion and some Bavarian Gemütlichkeit let us make a veritable cornucopia of interesting top quality spiced fruit wines.


Klassik is our traditional Glühwein. An excellent mix of fruits and berries enhanced with a secret blend of selected spices. The recipe for this sensational taste is with our family for 90 years. A wholesome and natural taste is our tradition – It’s a Klassik!

9% Alc./Vol.

750ml / 25.4 FL OZ

Take an aromatic leap into the world of time-honored German cider by savoring our Bratapfel (warm roasted apple). The unique golden color is re refined with a blend of selected spices to create the soothing  flavor. Enjoy gently heated on cold autumn days or on ice to refresh you on a hot summer day.

5,4% Alc./Vol.

750ml / 25.4 FL OZ

Handpicked blueberries give this drink its deep rich color. The blend of unique spices and berries create a dynamic and unique flavor, which gives you the sensation of sitting in the fresh untouched meadows with green  fields of moss. Feel the nature inside you grow. Enjoy it gently heated on a winter evening or on ice to cool down on a hot summer day

9% Alc./Vol.

750ml / 25.4 FL OZ.

Try our 90-year-old family recipe for a simply pure all natural Fruit Punch without alcohol. Enjoy this excellent fruity taste gently heated in the winter or on ice on a hot summer day.

Non Alcoholic

750ml / 25.4 FL OZ.

Savor the refreshing taste of oranges, apples, passion fruit and a secret blend of spices in our Wäldertau organic. It can be enjoyed gently heated or served on ice. Mix your great taste with our quality!

Non Alcoholic and Organic

750ml / 25.4 FL OZ.

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Serve it warm and bring in the holiday cheer at your christmas market, relax by the fire at an après ski gathering, or create a special toast to your winter sales. Try it on ice at your spring gala or gallery opening. Stir up a new light summer cocktail for your guests and invent a fabulous drink for any celebration. Mix your great taste with our quality - zum Wohlsein!